The Internal Revenue Code, together with implementing regulations, revenue rulings, revenue procedures, notices, technical advice memos, private letter rulings, and the tax decisions of all the various courts, is a complicated, fast changing, and expanding body of law. The firm’s knowledge of federal income, estate, gift, employment, excise, and other taxes qualifies us to assist individuals, partnerships, corporations, S corporations, tax-exempt plans, tax-exempt entities, and other entities with tax planning, transactions, audits, tax litigation, return preparation, compliance, and tax collection matters.

Taxpayers are subject to several taxes administered by the Illinois Department of Revenue, including the income, sales and use, motor fuel, public utility, hotel, motor vehicle, and various gambling taxes. Sorling Northrup is experienced in representing clients regarding these and other state tax audit and enforcement matters pending before the Department of Revenue. Representation of individuals and businesses requires increasingly specialized knowledge and skills. Experience with Illinois taxes permits Sorling Northrup to effectively represent taxpayers before the Illinois Department of Revenue, or if applicable, the Illinois Secretary of State, the Department of Insurance, the Illinois Commerce Commission, the Illinois Attorney General, or the courts. Experience is a factor that contributes to the cost effectiveness of Sorling Northrup legal services for those taxpayers faced with an Illinois tax matter, issue, or controversy.

Difficulties regarding local real property taxes are frequently encountered by our clients. As the situation warrants, attorneys at Sorling Northrup handle real property tax cases before county boards of review, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, and the Illinois courts. Services are also available to address client concerns regarding local sales and other taxes.

Sorling Northrup attorneys who practice in this area include: