Government Civil Litigation

Firm clients are often challenged by a need to litigate disputes when one party is a governmental entity. Sorling Northrup is able to take an either-side position in such disputes, having represented both private and public entities in litigation before the state and federal courts.

Attorneys at Sorling Northrup have represented parties who have contracted with the State of Illinois before the Illinois Court of Claims. Such actions have successfully resulted in clients recovering judgments from the State. The firm has defended contractors which have been sued by governmental entities in suits alleging failure to timely perform, failure to satisfy minority subcontracting requirements, warranty claims, overbilling, and other allegations of deficient performance.

Private parties have been represented in civil rights, injunctive relief, and personal injury suits against local units of government. Political parties, legislative leaders, and individual candidates have been defended in actions brought against them by county State’s Attorneys, the Attorney General, the Federal Election Commission, and private individuals.

The firm’s representation of governmental entities has been equally broad. It has represented local units of government in civil rights and voting rights suits. It has represented the State of Illinois before the Court of Claims and in state and federal courts. The firm has obtained Attorney General Opinions for political officials authorized by the State Constitution to request them. Legislative leaders and executive agency officials have been defended in actions against them in both their personal and official capacities.

Other practice area descriptions detail related capabilities in the areas of administrative law and review, and election, political, and campaign law.

Sorling Northrup attorneys who practice in this area include: